Empowering Women Through Understanding our Common Story

Women have always been the backbone of humanity. Grandmothers looking after the family as daughters tended to newborns afforded the freedom and stability necessary for expansion of human culture.

Primary social thought and commentary derives from women’s ways of knowing and is recorded in nursery song and rhyme. Women’s wisdom preceded Homer and Hesiod by thousands of years.

Yet, the last remnant of women-centered culture disappeared as trade, war and empire replaced earth-centered awareness and the eternal circle of life.

Women share a common story of a civilization blown off-course by the fierce winds of power and domination. For many women, finding a sense of self, acceptance, and even love within a male-dominated culture has meant struggling and competing against our own sisters.

An increasingly inhospitable and dysfunctional female society has left many women wounded and traumatized by their own mothers, sisters, friends and co-workers.

Wariness of and ambivalence toward other women has caused many to withdraw into social isolation rather than risk being mistreated or rejected.

Grandmother Circle™ explores how improving connections between women will create a new female society where women and girls thrive on the special support, respect, and care that only women can provide.